Thermoregulation and Perspiration
  •If body Temperature exceeds 37.5ºC (98.6ºF) the body needs to cool down    
    •Blood vessels under skin dilate
•Body produce perspiration
•Cooling through evaporation
  •Aabsorb the heat from the body
•Microclimate stays in the comfort zone for longer periods of time
•Delays the onset of temperature rise upon 37.5ºC (98.6ºF)
    •Less cooling needed for the Body
•Less perspiration
•Cool sensation
Antibacterial and Moisturizer

Non migrant antibacterial, (no pesticide) long lasting effect, wide range of spectrum (fungi’s, bacteria’s).
This technology permanently change fabric surface obtaining an organ functional silanes, an active protection against micro organism attack.
 The carbon chain is designed to produce moist effect upon skin

High IQ Technology
•Cool Comfort
•Clean and Dry Comfort
•Easy Care Plus
Thermosense / SMART    
  Stable – Inert in nature, non-toxic and non-reactive.
Moisture controlling – increases water retention.
Antimicrobial – effective against odor-causing and certain infection-causing bacteria.
Regulating – regulates temperature via dynamic thermal resistance “Phase Change”.


Potential Applications – Fibers and Fabrics    

•The application of SMART is not dependent upon fiber type or blend. Natural fibers, such as cotton, rayon and wood pulp have a natural affinity for the technology.
•SMART is equally effective with knit, woven or nonwoven textiles of any construction or fiber blend.
•It can be use on normal consumers (sportswear), Healthcare, Military/Extreme environment and Industrial.

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