Elcatex Group and FUNADEH Supporting Entrepreneurship

Committed with the Economic Development of the communities, Elcatex Group provided seed capital to 7 small business of Choloma’s Youth Outreach Centers, as a product of an agreement signed with FUNADEH’s Genesis Project in 2020.

The Youth Outreach Centers are a USAID-funded project, located in vulnerable communities, seeking to create safe environments for young people, to keep them away from violence, develop technical and soft skills, build life plans and develop their communities through different methodologies and activities.

Along with the Genesis Project and the Catholic University of Honduras, we contribute with the sustainability of the YOC (Youth Outreach Centers), through 52 hours of training in specific areas for the creation and implementation of small businesses.

Projects of aquaponics, supplies sale, food products and office services, were some of the small businesses that were created from this alliance.

We continue to work with FUNADEH on a plan to keep supporting the strengthening of small businesses, benefiting more than 600 young people who attend the Centers in the Municipality of Choloma.

We support our community

We have supported our communities by donating food and masks to nonprofit organizations working in the most vulnerable communities in our country.

Our commitment also brings us to communities, where we have been able to support different Organizations in the development of programs and projects helping the most vulnerable populations of our country, and we will continue to support education, health, the environment and social initiatives to generate a real and long-term social impact.

Donation of biosecurity equipment’s as masks, gowns, anti-bacterial gel for medical personnel in front line has been our priority in this critical moment.

Putting our waste a good use

We ensure that our waste is reused and recycled.

As part of our environmental responsibility, we make sure to support local government initiatives for this, all the tires that are replaced in our companies, are donated to the municipalities, we cooperate with this material to building borders of river banks and streams.