Celebrated Graduation Ceremony of IHER Class 2023: «Dr. Juan Almendares Bonilla»

Celebrated Graduation Ceremony of IHER Class 2023: «Dr. Juan Almendares Bonilla»

Committed to our Human Talent, together with the IHER program (Honduran Institute of Education by Radio), we celebrated the Graduation Ceremony of the Class of 2023: «Dr. Juan Almendares Bonilla,» in which 46 ninth-grade students and bachelor’s in science and humanities obtained their high school education degree.

The ceremony took place in the auditorium of UNITEC-Campus SPS with the participation of talented children from the Mhotivo Foundation and the Choir of the Centro Básico Vicentino «Padre Antonio Quetglas» of the OSOVI Foundation. The degrees were awarded by members of our Executive Committee, including Jesús Canahuati, President of the Group; Mario Alberto Canahuati, Corporate Director of the Energy and Real Estate Division; Gerson Coto, Corporate Director of Operations; Azucena Tróchez, Corporate Administrative and Legal Director; Gisela Martínez, Corporate Director of Human Resources; Vania Montecinos, Corporate Director of CSR and Communications; and Gabriel Díaz, Assistant to the Executive Director of IHER, San Pedro Sula branch.

Jesús Canahuati congratulated the graduates on their success and shared the quote from San Francisco de Asís about starting to do what is necessary and possible for each of them, achieving the impossible; challenging them to continue with their studies and personal goals.

Lessy Yolibeth Alvarado Cardoza from Genesis with an academic index of 97%; Bessy Mabel Ferrera López from Genesis with an index of 94%, and Julissa Yamaly Galo Peralta from Saint John with an index of 93% were awarded for academic excellence in ninth grade.


In the Bachelors in Science and Humanities class, the academic excellence was achieved by Belkis Estefany Aguilar Turcios from Suyapa Apparel with an index of 99%, taking the first place; Cecia Mariela Suárez Tejada from UTEXA with an index of 97%, winning the second place; and achieving the third place were the following students: Katherine Ortíz García from Saint John; Kelyn Yareli Jiménez Banegas from Saint John; René Isaías Calero Pineda and Joselin Yorleni Molina García from Francis, all with a 96%.

In gratitude for the opportunity provided to all collaborators to pursue their studies in the First, Second, and Third Cycles, the graduates presented a present to Jesús Canahuati as a token of appreciation for his constant commitment to the development of our collaborators through educational programs.

During 2023, we implemented initiatives that helped reduce student dropout, increasing the number of graduates this year, thereby reaffirming our commitment to education through this program.

Focused on Human Talent, we will continue to promote educational initiatives that contribute to the professional and personal growth of our collaborators.

To watch the live stream video, visit the following link: https://youtube.com/live/8jK0l6R0wwU?feature=share

Interesting facts about this graduation:

The year 2023 marked the return to in-person classes after transitioning to virtual classes during the pandemic. 65% of this graduating class are women. This is the nineteenth graduation held between the IHER program and the Elcatex Group. The companies with the most graduates were Saint John (11), Genesis (9), and Francis (6).