Our History
Our Vision

To be the world’s leading textile manufacturing organization.

Core Values






Our Mission

Leading a culture of continuous improvement through innovative processes, products, and services that maximize value for our clients, ensuring the sustainability and integral development of our collaborators.

Slide 01 Strategic Location Speed to market oriented with only 2.5 days away from US Southern Ports. Ideal Infrastructure Located just 30 minutes away from Puerto Cortes, the largest and most important port in Central America. Free Trade Agreements Honduras has the most FTAs in the region, which includes USA, Canada & Europe. This gives access to more than 1.5 Billion consumers. Reliable Energy Almost all energy sources are environmentally friendly such as biomass, biogas, solar panels. Elcatex also has HFO/CNG to offer very competitive costs. Quality & Labor Easily trainable and highly qualified workforce with a young population that represents 40% of the economic active population. Investment Lawss Laws that protect and promote investment such as Free Zones Law, Hourly Labor Law among others. Why Elcatex? Strategic Location Speed to market oriented with only 2.5 days away from US Southern Ports.

Our relationship with our customers goes beyond selling them a variety of products at a competitive price.

We value each costumer and consider them partners in our pursuit to making a difference.

We share our vision to create a better world for future generations through sustainable practices. This is what makes our bond with our customers stronger than a typical transactional relationship.



Worldwide responsible Accredited Production(WRAP); Our responsibility has a Platinum Level Certification (Highest)


Customs Trade Partnership against terrorism


All types of textiles that have been tested for harmful substances from yarns to the finished product may bear the STANDARD 100 product label