Lose Pounds, Gain Life has its winners!

For six months, participants from all over the Group enrolled in the Pierde Libras, Gana Vida Challenge. A program designed to promote healthy habits and achieve weight loss goals in a sustainable manner, resulting in the positive transformation of the lives of those who participated.

We had more than 270 registered employees who participated in different activities that promoted a healthy lifestyle: such as Zumba, Cooking Classes, Exercise Routines and Podcast on Mental Health.

The winners who stood out in their commitment to health and wellness were: Anyi Chicas of Suyapa Apparel won First Place and Second Place went to Jenin Andino of Elcatex in the Women’s Category. In the men’s category, the winners also made their mark with their impressive progress and commitment. Oscar Martinez of San Lucas Apparel took First Place and Second Place went to Selvin Castro of San Juan Textiles.

Together- the whole 200 participants- lost a total of 450 pounds, a result that was achieved thanks to the efforts of this group of brave collaborators who said “yes” to improving their diet and habits.

The Challenge not only celebrated the individual achievements of all the participants who took part, but also highlighted the importance of adopting healthy habits for a full life. With the success of this edition, anticipation and excitement is already building for the next edition.

Congratulations to all participants and especially to the winners for their incredible achievement!