San Juan Textiles (SJT) is the new innovative proposal of the Elcatex Group for the textile sector with first class technology. The textile company begins its operations with a team of collaborators with vast experience in the industry and with the purpose of aggressively growing and being a benchmark in textile production.

SJT currently has more than 900 collaborators distributed in all areas and by 2022, it is planned to generate 1,400 new positions, covered by the best workforce in the country.

As part of the Operational Excellence in our plant, we have a team alignment, where 16 leaders, including managers and heads of each area, participated in a Team Building. This day was aimed at strengthening synergies and getting to know each other to strengthen the team’s work under the same objective: WIN WIN.

The phases of the activities were coordinated under the Department of Human Resources of San Juan Textiles and with the support of the company Valor Humano.


Edin Cruz – “I have participated in multiple team buildings, however, this was the best I have ever had, since it helped us as a team to get to know my teammates”

Paulo Aldana – San Juan Textiles Plant Manager “The experience is focused on strengthening teamwork and taking advantage of the synergy of the talents of each of the individuals and leaders of San Juan Textiles, where passion for the result is expected through joint effort”


Luis Rodríguez – Continuous Improvement Manager “The collective benefit is more important than the individual one, since we win as a team, we all win.”


Walter Luna – Elcatex Group Textile Director “We have learned more about how to enhance each of the skills that each of them have. We hope to have a series of good practices not only in productivity but also in innovation and from our motto We Lead, We Care, We Make a Difference”

At the end of the program and as part of the sessions, the relatives of each of the represented leaders accompanied us, where an institutional video was presented and a snack was shared with all those present.

Through these initiatives, we are characterized by the constant search for perfection through work team consolidation practices within our human resources.


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