Care of our planet

Our commitment goes beyond

Our commitment goes beyond constant innovation in our processes.

We aim to contribute by reducing the ecological impact, returning clean water to natural sources, reducing water usage, generating and using renewable energy, as well as reusing materials and reducing waste.

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Since 2010 we have taken strong actions by investing in efficient equipment and modifying our processes, achieving a 70% reduction in water usage in 10 years.


Our environmental responsibilities are bigger than ever. We are committed to creating a way of life that encompasses a clean environment, one in which we limit our waste and reuse materials to their greatest potential. This is why we have invested in innovative solutions to reduce our carbon footprint. All of our energy comes from renewable technologies, which include biomass, biogas and solar.

We are pioneers in the renewable energy sector with in-house groundbreaking technologies and projects that are revolutionizing the way of doing business in Honduras.

Not only do we ensure our energy comes from environmentally responsible resources, but we are also fully determined to increase our energy savings.


In 1991, we opened our first water treatment plant and today we treat roughly 6,000 cubic meters of industrial wastewater per day.


We make sure all cardboard, nylon, textile waste (scraps of cloth), plastic and cardboard cones used in our textile process are recycled through specialized companies.


In 2020, 1,063 hectares of forest have been lost due to deforestation in our country, causing water shortages, impact on crops and a negative effect on climate change. Through reforestation journeys, our employees can contribute with neighboring communities to mitigate the impact on the environment.

With the participation of 800 collaborators, who planted 10,000 trees in the communities of La Jotosa and Montañuela, we closed our last day of reforestation in 2019.


We actively involve our collaborators in internal campaigns to raise awareness about the reasonable use of water, its conservation and the responsibility we have towards our present and future generations.


Learn about the environmental impact of the industry and how ELCATEX is constantly working to reduce this impact.

Learn about the environmental impact of the industry and how ELCATEX is constantly working to reduce this impact.