Under the slogan “Thinking about my well-being, I work safely”, the Industrial Safety campaign for the year 2022 was launched at Elcatex. The objective is to reinforce awareness on the subject and all measures for the prevention of accidents.

In Elcatex Group we take care of our people and install in them the same respect and care towards their workplace, personal protective equipment, and machinery. Industrial Safety lives in us, which is why the campaign is accompanied by updated policies, dynamics during breaks and a communication campaign with audio-visual material.

We would like to highlight that this year we have reduced work accidents in our textile company by 70%, thus highlighting the excellent work and commitment of our Joint Commission, the Safety Officers and that of each employee, who assumes daily the responsibility of working in a safe environment.

As part of the activities, we carry out to reinforce the importance of safety at work, we held the webinar: “Safety and Health: A Tailor-Made Suit”. Omar Benítez, Health and Safety Manager for Cementos del Norte was the instructor; the webinar was aimed at senior management and leaders of the areas involved in the subject of Industrial Safety. The objective was to make leaders aware of the importance of the example they set for their teams, as well as to ensure that personal protective equipment is used properly and meets the necessary standards to ensure the integrity of our people.

Finally, we have celebrated and recognized the work of those employees who have demonstrated a high level of commitment at the department level in the reduction and prevention of accidents, at the personal level for the correct and appropriate use of the unsafe conditions report, and we also highlight the excellent work of the Joint Health and Safety Committee in verifying that the unsafe conditions and acts that are reported are reduced.

We will continue to think about our well-being, to work safely.


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