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We Make a Difference

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Its not just  about making things happen, its also about how WE make them happen.

The wellbeing of our employees is our priority. We guarantee a working environment with high standards of hygiene and safety, access to quality health services, prevention campaigns and quality care in our clinics. Our responsibility with the communities has led us to support NGO´s to face health challenges of the vulnerable population.

Our commitment goes beyond the constant innovation in our processes, we aim to contribute through them by reducing ecological impact, returning clean water to natural sources, reducing water usage, generating and using renewable energy, as well as reducing waste and reusing materials.

Conscious that education is the key to change the present and future of every human being, ELCATEX Group promotes educational programs for its employees and for the communities. Our commitment is to provide quality education for those in need and promotes development of our employees.

Promoting the development of our communities by guaranteeing adequate conditions and environments at all stages of human life is an effort that we have carried out for many years and that we will continue encouraging in benefit of our country.