Introducing DTGz

In the constant search for innovation in our products and customer satisfaction, we developed DTGz technology.

DTGz reduces complexity in the printing process, work, and high investment in machinery.

This patent allows our fabric to be completely pre-treated ready to print on any part of the garment, providing in addition an unbeatable touch, high printing quality, without duration restrictions, printing in and with various colors and reduction of space needed for the operation since you do not need a pre-treatment machine.

The patented DTGz technology brings to the digital printing of garments market, an unmatched solution in quality, reduction of time in processes and that also contributes to save costs to our customers.

We have transformed our processes

We have transformed our processes to be able to manufacture medical garments so we can attend to the global pandemic of COVID-19.
We transform our processes to respond to global needs in the face of the COVID 19 pandemic by manufacturing medical clothing to fight with the spread of the virus. The manufacture of masks began ten days after being declared a state of emergency in Honduras and in less than 40 days robes were being manufactured to meet the international health emergency.
Reinventing ourselves has allowed us to fulfill our first responsibility, our employees, maintaining their jobs and creating new ones with new and innovative products for the health.

Returning clean water

In 1991, we opened our first water treatment plant and today we treat roughly 6,000 cubic meters of industrial wastewater per day.

Since 2010 we have taken strong actions by investing in efficient equipment and modifying our processes, achieving a 70% reduction in water usage in 10 years.

Today, we are worldwide leaders in our industry, consuming 76% less water than industry average, a big effort to preserve this valuable resource for the humanity.

However, our journey is just beginning and through our technology and innovation we have developed different technologies enabling us to achieve significant milestones and implementing more aggressive goals.