Elcatex Group and FUNADEH Supporting Entrepreneurship

Committed with the Economic Development of the communities, Elcatex Group provided seed capital to 7 small business of Choloma’s Youth Outreach Centers, as a product of an agreement signed with FUNADEH’s Genesis Project in 2020.

The Youth Outreach Centers are a USAID-funded project, located in vulnerable communities, seeking to create safe environments for young people, to keep them away from violence, develop technical and soft skills, build life plans and develop their communities through different methodologies and activities.

Along with the Genesis Project and the Catholic University of Honduras, we contribute with the sustainability of the YOC (Youth Outreach Centers), through 52 hours of training in specific areas for the creation and implementation of small businesses.

Projects of aquaponics, supplies sale, food products and office services, were some of the small businesses that were created from this alliance.

We continue to work with FUNADEH on a plan to keep supporting the strengthening of small businesses, benefiting more than 600 young people who attend the Centers in the Municipality of Choloma.

More than 2,300 people immunized during Vaccination Days

In partnership with the Honduran Institute of Social Security (HISS), we started the vaccination process against Covid-19 for our collaborators. We prioritized our elder population, also those with pre-existing diseases and those in the age of forty (40) to fifty-nine (59) years.

The health and well-being of our collaborators is one of our greatest commitments, so we put our efforts to make possible that more than 2,300 collaborators could successfully complete the process of the administration of the first dose of the vaccine.

Through awareness campaigns, the logistics coordination of the different manufacturing plants with our Human Resources Department and the Medical team, we fulfill our purpose of CARING AND MAKING A DIFFERENCE, always focused on our most valuable resource, Our People.

Introducing DTGz

In the constant search for innovation in our products and customer satisfaction, we developed DTGz technology.

DTGz reduces complexity in the printing process, work, and high investment in machinery.

This patent allows our fabric to be completely pre-treated ready to print on any part of the garment, providing in addition an unbeatable touch, high printing quality, without duration restrictions, printing in and with various colors and reduction of space needed for the operation since you do not need a pre-treatment machine.

The patented DTGz technology brings to the digital printing of garments market, an unmatched solution in quality, reduction of time in processes and that also contributes to save costs to our customers.